Kudo – Programming for kids – A very warm welcome !

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It is so refreshing to see something leave the Microsoft Reasearch labs and hit the mainstream and what a great platform to do it on , the X-Box !

I had just moved the TV and xbox to our new house and thought i would test my HDMI cables by playing on the XBox for a bit and having recently found out about Kudo i saw an opportunity for some recreational programming!

I tried to remember that this game was intended for non programmers and children over nine years old whilst playing and with that in mind i found the programming screens very intuitive and definately something that children should be able to pick up very quickly.

The map editor is quite a different beast but once you figure out the buttons it is easy enough to use. I found the camera a bit strange to move arround and im still trying to get used to that.

The graphics look crisp but very simplistic. There seems to be a Super Mario look and feel to the graphics which i am still not too convinced by !

There seemed to be a lack of object creation so i dont think you can build your own objects and interact with them so your creativity is limmited to the object you have available to you and your map.

Its very easy to go in and out of edit / programming mode and begin to play your creations. Threres not much waiting arround for compilation and no build server to set up !

You have the ability to setup multiple players too which is cool. Of course this allows the programmer to add some sneaky additional capabilities to his own player so ask the programmer to swap game pads when you begin playing !

In summary i am enjoying playing this game and can definately see the educational bennefits. Prgramming in this way teaches children to think logically as well as applying creative thinking to achieve an end result. I would definately recommend this for kids and its a bargain at just £4.

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Rating: 10.0/10 (1 vote cast)
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Kudo - Programming for kids - A very warm welcome !, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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